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A low-cost commitment to self-discovery and personal transformation

Sometimes it takes more than a book to address recurring challenges or to change chronic behaviors and situations. Membership is designed to support you in addressing any obstacles you are facing and to offer you a community of like-minded people. 

With membership, you’ll gain access to solution-based resources for an entire year: handouts, videos, member-exclusive live webinars, and discussion groups based on the book.

Everything you learn from Doubtful to Decisive will be multiplied ten-fold.

The book was written to help you make long-term changes for a better life. Membership helps you stay the course.

Set up a consultation if you have more questions, or follow the button below to sign up now.

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Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Membership will give you access to material that you can absorb at your own pace such as handouts and pre-recorded videos of webinars and discussions. Gain access to members-only events, too. Join a community where you can engage with Monica and others.

Each month there will be:

  • New information added to the members-only resource library:

    • Watch new videos from Monica

    • See recordings of any live webinars or topic discussions you may have missed.

  • Access additional worksheets and handouts not available to the public.

  • Attend member-only events with additional experts

  • Get a 10% discount on selected programs and coaching packages that would easily pay for membership.

  • Monica will offer at least two programs a month with a rolling schedule of am, midday, and evening live groups, all recorded.

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Judgement-Free Zone

Monica's leadership ensures a structured, safe, and nurturing environment; a judgment-free zone where you can learn valuable strategies, gain insights, and connect with others during webinars, live discussions, and small-group activities tailored to your goals and challenges.

Why Naturopathy

An Excerpt from Doubtful to Decisive: Eight Steps to Get Unstuck and Take Action, Chapter 1

“Each change we embrace takes time and effort and requires a shift of expectation that this isn’t a quick fix but a lifelong journey.”


Which column would you rather experience?

Patterns before the Shift

  • Doubtful, ineffective, stressed

  • Problem-focused

  • Do it alone

  • Avoid and dread challenges

  • Be reactive, automatic

  • Same behavior, same results

  • Resisting change

New experiences after the Shift

  • Decisive, effective, at ease

  • Desired outcome-focused

  • Invite outside support

  • Identify and deal with challenges

  • Be proactive, mindful

  • Intentional behavior, new results

  • Accepting and owning change

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