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Coaching for Individuals

One-on-one coaching is so empowering! For 45-60 minutes a session, 2-4 times a month, you are completely focused on yourself – your needs, dreams, and goals. You can:

  • Identify, plan, vent, brainstorm, test out ideas, process emotions, and so much more.

  • Discover what you want and what works and doesn’t work for you.

  • Learn to say YES to what you want and NO to what you don’t, in order to move in the right direction.

It is through this focus that you find clarity, learn new skills, embrace new perspectives, master your emotions, and put a plan in place to achieve the goals you desire.

I work with my clients to claim 3 really important goals. These can stem from any area of their life: Business, Family, Life Balance, Personal Growth, Health, Finances, or whatever else might be important to YOU. Through the coaching journey, you’ll be able to track your progress and accelerate your achievement.

Leadership Coaching

Ideal for all professionals, including home-based entrepreneurs, emerging leaders, and directors of small to large teams. Leadership Coaching is more than professional development, it helps you fill the gap between feeling alone and feeling like you have a team to be your sounding board, advisor, and accountability partner. You don’t have to feel vulnerable with your colleagues or teams, you can bring it to the private and confidential scope of a coaching session. You can also invite Monica to coach your team.

Coaching can look very different for each professional, depending on their unique circumstances and their existing support system. My key focus is to move you forward on your journey of professional development; to be a better leader, more confident in your actions, and skilled in your communication style. We will focus on 2 to 3 goals at a time, which can be a combination of personal development and professional goals.

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Teams / Groups

Invite Monica to work with your team for an in-person or virtual program, workshop, or coaching engagement. Contact Monica to schedule a free consultation so that you can get a personalized proposal to meet your needs.

Potential topics to cover include understanding personality and leadership styles, improving communication, leadership development at all levels, giving and receiving feedback, strategic planning, project development, setting better work boundaries, year-end reflection and goal-setting, and team-building activities.

Monica has worked with business owners, managers, directors, and full-staff teams. Consider what she can do for you and your team.

Teams / Groups
Leadeship Coaching


Catherine H, CA

"I can breathe again, allowing me to be my best at my job and set better boundaries. I feel like my life is moving toward the balance I needed so badly! Thank you for helping me on this journey and for supporting me in my personal and professional growth."
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