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280 pages of strategies, journaling exercises, tools, stories and inspiration to take you from Doubtful to Decisive and start taking action! Paperback book.

You'll also receive a small journal, an email with digital copies of several worksheets that complement the book, and an invitation to the next webinar of "Doubtful to Decisive: Make the Shift"

Doubtful to Decisive: Eight Steps to Get Unstuck and Take Action (book)

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  • Do you have a lingering task, a daunting problem, or an unshakable issue holding you back? Are you yearning for change in your life, tired of the same old struggles and habits that keep you stuck? Monica Leggett, a seasoned life, business, and relationship coach, reveals a step-by-step process to guide you in breaking free from the chains of inertia. While we cannot easily change our inborn personality traits, we can rewire the default habits that keep us from moving forward. It takes a shift in our focus, intentions, and level of commitment.

    In Doubtful to Decisive: Eight Steps to Get Unstuck and Take Action, Leggett equips you with the tools and strategies to cultivate an empowered mindset, declare your aspirations, and chart a clear path to achieve them. The cornerstone of her book is a transformative eight-step process to guide you through the Action Cycle, your roadmap to confront an issue head-on, shift from doubt to decisiveness, take action, and ensure continuous progress. When your thoughts change, your actions change, and then your life changes.

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