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Meet Monica

Certified Coach, Author, and Speaker

In 2006, I was invited to a coaching class – a three-day weekend program, co-led by my sister Grace. By day two I realized the value of coaching after being coached by one of my classmates. I became acutely aware of how often I avoided making decisions about important things. It seemed easier to delay or ignore things, but actually, it created a constant dissatisfaction that made me more of a victim of circumstances than a creator of my own life.

After 2 years of coach-specific training, countless certifications, and 15 years of coaching, I decided to put everything I’ve learned into my book, Doubtful to Decisive, and to grow a community for other people who want to set their lives on a course of their choosing.

No more waiting or feeling stuck, it’s time to take matters into your own hands and chart your course. Decide what you want and go for it! I’m here to help.

Taking a video together

More from Monica: The steps that led me here

If I could use one word to describe what I love about life, it would be connection. As an extrovert, I am most energized and in my element when surrounded by and working with people. I grew up in a big family (the 7th of 10 children!) and have an innate drive to connect with and help others. That quality has inspired me to become incredibly engaged in my community, and a source of empowerment and positive change. 

Facilitating awareness and personal growth is my passion. I jump at opportunities to engage my community (and beyond) by doing personal and team coaching, giving presentations, and personalized group trainings. I co-founded a women's networking group, Authentic Connections, and took on leadership roles in several business and community organizations.

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