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Dear Reader,

Book clubs are a wonderful way to share your journey with others. You discuss what you’ve learned and perhaps dig deeper into some of the themes suggested by the author. There is nothing like talking it through with another human being.

With a self-help book like Doubtful to Decisive, there are many layers to absorb. You learn something, you try it, you take action, and then what? In a group setting you share what you are learning and how the material affects your perspective. You can learn from each other and make commitments to support each other on your journey and share your progress. You may even find an accountability buddy.

Book club discussion groups help you to “read it, share it, LIVE IT!”

If you have a group, an official book club, or a small gathering of friends, and you’d like to invite me to join you, please fill out the form below. If you want to join me for a book discussion group, look on the Event Page

- Monica

Book Club Form

Book Club Form

Invite Monica to your Book Club discussion of Doubtful to Decisive, (minimum 5 participants.) We’ll select one group per month for Monica to virtually attend.

Thank you for filling out the form! We'll get back to you soon.

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