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Doubtful to Decisive:

Eight Steps to Get Unstuck and Take Action

Embark on a journey toward confident decision-making and leave behind doubt, procrastination, worry, and stress. Lead a mindful and empowered life using Monica Leggett’s insightful tools and strategies including the eight-step Action Cycle.

Be sure to consider the following packages:

Author package: Signed Book

Book and Clarity Coaching package: Signed book and one coaching session ($100 discount).

Membership package: Author package plus a one-year membership for 30% off.

The Book has launched! 

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Meet Monica Leggett

Certified Coach, Author, and Speaker

Monica Leggett is a seasoned expert with years of experience dedicated to transforming lives and accelerating goal achievement. With a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record, Monica possesses the skills and insights necessary to guide you on your personal and professional journey. Whether you're seeking to enhance your career, find greater work-life balance, or simply improve your overall well-being, her expertise is the compass that will steer you towards success and fulfillment.


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Join a community dedicated to making life-long transformations. You’ll have access to member-only live events, recordings, and resources. Monica's leadership ensures a structured, safe, and nurturing environment where you can absorb new material at your own pace AND join others in live scheduled webinars and open forum discussions. You’ll never feel judged and you won’t be alone. Click the button below to find out more benefits of membership.


Register Your Book Club Circle

The best way to deepen your commitment to learning and applying the tools and strategies in Doubtful to Decisive, is to discuss what you’ve learned with a group of close peers. Register your group (minimum 5 members) and we will select one group per month for Monica to virtually attend.

Why Naturopathy

Why Should You Work with Monica?

She will provide you with these tools for success:



Awareness is the key to personal growth and positive change.



Acceptance is the first shift toward facing your challenge head-on.



Mindset shapes our perception of the world and influences our actions



Assessing is brainstorming all your options without judgment.



Action is the catalyst for turning dreams into reality.



Completion brings a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.



Reflection offers valuable insights and self-awareness to make more informed decisions.



Planning allows you to see the full vision so that Action easily follows.


If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated, or having a lack of clarity, you’ve found the right place

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